We have three major Enterprise Solutions ERP, HR & Accounting. We already have more than 35000 employee data in our system. More than 200 users of various roles log in everyday in the centralized system. We have robust reporting system supporting multiple report formats.

Our HR Solution manages attendance, salary, late- leave, leave applications for more than 5000 workers and employees. Our Accounting Solution is managing all the financial activities.

What makes us special is that we have integrated these three technologies together, that means we. work on the same set of data from three major aspects of the business. That makes it possible to provide intelligent business analytics. And as anybody can guess at this point our next step is to implement CRM with Artificial Intelligence.

Apart  from  these  we also have Costing Management, Inventory Management for small and mid-sized companies. So we already have all the technicalities to provide business solutions to companies of any size in the horizon.

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